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families on the frontiers of the Old South

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Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama



City/Town : Latitude: 31.0076815, Longitude: -87.62720890000003


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bryars, Annie  May 1898Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I3843
2 Bryars, Eugene Schuler  01 Jul 1918Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I8916
3 Bryars, Marie Elizabeth  21 Jan 1898Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I3946
4 Bryars, Ruby Lee  11 Feb 1914Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I8915
5 Bryars, Thomas Basil  27 Dec 1879Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I1110
6 Hartley, Claud M  27 Oct 1890Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I22560
7 Hartley, Harry H  13 Feb 1889Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I22559
8 Hartley, Michael Arthur  30 Apr 1889Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I22558
9 Havard, Bernie Mae  Abt 1904Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I8001
10 Havard, Ernest Derwood  26 Oct 1898Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I7999
11 Havard, Jessie Imelda  04 Apr 1895Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I7998
12 Havard, Mildred Louise  26 Oct 1906Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I8002
13 Havard, Willie Iola  23 Nov 1900Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I8000
14 Kelley, Empsey  Sep 1893Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I17058
15 Kelley, Jenkins A  3 Jul 1901Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I17060
16 Kelley, Lillian Marie  20 Nov 1896Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I17059
17 Kelley, Monroe M  13 Aug 1886Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I17056
18 Kelley, William O  31 Oct 1889Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I17057
19 Levins, Myrtle  3 Feb 1901Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I3896
20 McGill, Clara  17 Jan 1895Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I9275
21 McGill, Era V  Mar 1885Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I17052
22 McGill, Florence L  30 Sep 1906Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I8018
23 McGill, Frank Cypert  21 Jan 1866Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I17048
24 McGill, Gerald Byrne  15 Jul 1870Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I17049
25 McGill, Green Thomas  06 May 1916Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I8021
26 McGill, Harold Byrne  18 Oct 1901Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I8016
27 McGill, Hertis Virgil  28 Feb 1905Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I8017
28 McGill, Hilary Herbert  17 Apr 1879Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I17045
29 McGill, Hilary Herbert  9 Oct 1901Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I3904
30 McGill, Joseph Hiram  28 Mar 1868Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I17050
31 McGill, Laura  1877Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I17051
32 McGill, Leila Katherine  15 Jan 1889Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I17053
33 McGill, Leola  Abt 1914Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I8020
34 McGill, Marie Louise  25 Jun 1875Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I1148
35 McGill, Ruth  Abt 1911Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I8019
36 McKenzie, Angus Gordon  29 Jan 1899Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I8014
37 McKenzie, Florence  05 Feb 1876Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I8007
38 McKenzie, Hattie  Sep 1883Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I8010
39 McKenzie, Iola  Nov 1890Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I8012
40 McKenzie, Lena Lee  Sep 1892Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I8013
41 McKenzie, Matilda  21 Aug 1880Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I8009
42 McKenzie, Milton M  Feb 1878Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I8008
43 McKenzie, Robert Daniel  06 Nov 1887Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I8011
44 McKenzie, Stanley F  30 Dec 1873Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I8006
45 Munnerlyn, Carrie Gordon  6 Aug 1902Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I6089
46 Parker, Green B  Jan 1885Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I17096
47 Parker, Henry  Feb 1896Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I17099
48 Parker, Lewis Joseph  22 Mar 1888Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I17093
49 Parker, Maude M  9 Nov 1882Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I17095
50 Parker, Richmond Church  20 Jul 1893Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I17098

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bryars, Marie Elizabeth  18 Apr 1933Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I3946
2 Cooper, Eliza Ann  17 Apr 1902Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I3589
3 Cypert, Amanda Elizabeth  01 Jan 1931Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I9384
4 Hadley, Charlie  19 Jan 1920Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I15000
5 Hadley, Simon T  1 Feb 1934Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I14998
6 Lowell, Elizabeth Lena  04 Sep 1962Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I7112
7 McGill, Florence L  04 Jun 1988Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I8018
8 McGill, Joseph Palmer  22 Dec 1886Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I17089
9 McGill, Marie Louise  31 Dec 1928Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I1148
10 McGill, Martha  10 Jun 1938Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I17088
11 McKenzie, Thomas Arthur  06 Feb 1919Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I8003
12 McNeil, Mary Martha  07 Jul 1943Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I8996
13 Parker, Allie Catherine  04 May 1972Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I5771
14 Parker, Maude M  6 Mar 1978Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I17095
15 Phillips, Charles David  08 May 1982Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I8917
16 Shipp, George Washington  30 Dec 1936Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I8634
17 Thomley, Nancy J  04 Oct 1927Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I3798
18 Thomley, Robert T  12 Apr 1951Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I3899
19 Thornley, William Benjamin  14 Jul 1981Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I3907
20 Vaughn, Victoria Elizabeth  27 Oct 2000Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I9528
21 Weekley, Jessie Mae  5 Feb 1997Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I15995
22 Weekley, William Edgar  21 Dec 1922Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I7113
23 Whidbee, Amanda Elizabeth  22 Feb 1906Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I17046
24 White, Ace Bragg  29 Dec 1953Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I17074
25 White, Alexander E  1920Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I17072
26 White, Crockett David  24 Dec 1987Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I15999
27 White, Evans Lawrence  20 Dec 1966Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I15997
28 White, Frederick William  9 Sep 1936Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I15992
29 White, Matilda Evaline  10 Nov 1951Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I3900
30 White, Nora Elizabeth  27 Sep 1974Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I19172
31 White, Orline  1 Apr 1964Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I15993
32 White, Walter Cyrus  11 Apr 1966Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I15998


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Milstid, John Evens  3 Oct 1890Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I15186


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Thomley, Robert S  03 Nov 1911Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I3776


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 Bryars, Benjamin Henry  8 Dec 1862Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I0523


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Allen, Ellen Luvisa  1900Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I3800
2 Bryars, Annie  1900Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I3843
3 Bryars, Charles Edward  1900Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I0926
4 Bryars, Fannie Belle  1900Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I3926
5 Bryars, Henrietta  1900Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I0679
6 Bryars, Ida Elizabeth  1880Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I1108
7 Bryars, James Anthony  1880Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I1109
8 Bryars, James Anthony  1900Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I1109
9 Bryars, James Lazarus  1900Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I0120
10 Bryars, Jessie L  1900Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I3929
11 Bryars, John Wesley  1880Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I1107
12 Bryars, John Wesley  1900Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I1107
13 Bryars, Judson Rudolph  1900Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I0092
14 Bryars, Julian Lester  1900Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I3928
15 Bryars, Nora Ellen  1900Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I3927
16 Bryars, Oscar Lorenzo  1900Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I3842
17 Bryars, Thomas Basil  1880Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I1110
18 Bryars, Thomas Basil  1900Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I1110
19 Bryars, Wesley Julian  1880Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I0683
20 Bryars, Wesley Julian  1900Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I0683
21 Cooper, Eliza Ann  1900Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I3589
22 Cooper, Harriet Mahaley  1900Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I3590
23 Daily, Malinda Caroline  1900Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I0504
24 Dean, George Thomas  1900Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I15003
25 Dean, Rasberry  1900Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I0860
26 Fickling, Ellen Elizabeth  1880Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I0856
27 Fickling, Ellen Elizabeth  1900Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I0856
28 Gibson, Rhoda  1900Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I0928
29 Gordan, Carolyn V  1900Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I15179
30 Hadley, Benjamin  1900Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I10743
31 Houston, Elizabeth A  1880Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I0676
32 Houston, Elizabeth A  1900Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I0676
33 McGill, Elizabeth Amanda  1900Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I3931
34 Richburg, James Samuel  1900Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I0853
35 Richburg, Jennie  1900Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I3933
36 Thomley, Avoline  1900Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I3811
37 Thomley, Cornelia H  1900Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I3818
38 Thomley, Elizabeth  1900Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I3810
39 Thomley, Elizabeth  1900Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I3804
40 Thomley, Elizabeth V  1900Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I3808
41 Thomley, Emma E  1900Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I3801
42 Thomley, Eva Ezabell  1900Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I3815
43 Thomley, Geneva  1900Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I3814
44 Thomley, James Royal  1900Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I3817
45 Thomley, Jessie Jackson  1900Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I3901
46 Thomley, John M  1900Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I3777
47 Thomley, Joseph Walter  1900Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I3813
48 Thomley, Laura Lee  1900Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I3816
49 Thomley, Lerena  1900Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I3807
50 Thomley, Louis George W  1900Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama I3778

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bryars / McGill  7 Jan 1897Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama F0358
2 McGill / McKenzie  30 Nov 1900Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama F2153

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